I am a sound engineer from Belgium but I work everywhere in the world, I am based in France and Belgium.

I follow artists like Habib Koité, Dobet Gnahoré, Karim Baggili, Emeline Michel, N'Faly Kouyaté, Esteban Murillo, and lots of others. I have been touring with them all over Europe, the middle-east, Asia, Africa, the carribeans,...

I have been working as PA Tech, FOH engineer, Monitors, for venues like the Cirque Royal and the Botanique in Brussels mainly, as well as for some of the biggest companies in Belgium like PRG, Arto,... on festivals and concerts in Belgium but also on events all around the world.

I work for international festivals too, as technical director and FOH engineer, like "Les rencontres des Musiques du Monde" in Port-auPrince, Haiti (4 editions), festivals in Rwanda, Congo,...

I have very good knowledge of AUdio NEtworks and got a Level 3 Dante Certification.

I am a sound engineering teacher too. I teach at the SAE Brussels, the SAE Paris and the Audio Institute In Jacmel Haiti. I offer trainings for festivals or venues, in Africa mainly. I can teach sound principles, digital audio, live sound, mixing desks, networks, Audio over IP, DSP,...

I am a DSP / FPGA consultant, I can program specific audio applications. I work on Immersive sound, all the standard processing,... I'm currently starting to do research in cooperation with LARAS (Research Laboratory in the fields of Art and Science - www.laras.be )

You can contact me here: lsirtaine@gmail.com

Phone (Belgium): 0032-477.131.228. (France): 0033-684.269.171

I am opened to opoortunities for touring and teaching.